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Dr. M. H. Russell & Musicians for Christ -

formerly of Long Beach, CA

Leon Rogers - Roxboro, NC

De Voted - Sanford, NC

The Sensational Gospel Tones - Williamsburg, VA

Re Newed of the Carolinas

Damion Murrill & Siloam - Wilmington, NC

The Safeway Travelers - Warrenton, NC

Patty Denny - Durham, NC

John Thorpe & Truth - Roxboro, NC

Joy Williams - Durham, NC

From The Heart - Durham, NC

New Creation - Hillsborough, NC

Michael Boykin & The Mighty Voices - Clinton, NC

Sensational Gospel Tones, Williamsburg, VA

The McShaws - Oxford, NC

TJ Arrington - Durham, NC

Safeway Travelers, Warrenton, NC

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